Event at the World Water Week

Mário Franca and Miroslav Marence organized in 30th August the event at the World Water Week (Stockholm): Towards the circularization of hydroelectricity using the existing hydraulic infrastructure. Key players in the hydropower industry were invited to debate synergistic approaches to respond to both food and energy needs which are essential to respond to the WEF Nexus, in particular to attain the SGDs 2, 6 and 7. The development of alternative strategies and technical solutions incorporated in existing structures, used primarily for other purposes, represents an additional low-impact and lucrative solution for energy generation and was discussed. A lively discussion was held with the audience which counted with participants from academia, industry and ngo’s concerned about the sustainability of energy production.

The participants of the event (left to right), Mário Franca (IHE Delft, organizer), Thomas Sandberg (Swedish Small Hydropower and European Renewable Energies Federation), Anton Schleiss (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne and International Commission on Large Dams), Rana Singh (Department of Energy, United Nations Industrial Development Organization) and Miroslav Marence (IHE Delft, organizer).

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