Special session on sustainable water storage to meet water, food and energy development in Africa 2019 – Water Storage and Hydropower Development for Africa

The International Conference “Africa 2019 – Water Storage and Hydropower Development for Africa”, will be held in Windhoek, Namibia, April 2nd to 4th 2019. A Special session on sustainable water storage to meet water, food and energy development goals will be organised and managed under the auspices of IHE Delft and S-MutiStor project. IHE Delft is an international supporting organization of the conference.

The session will be chaired by Miroslav Marence (IHE Delft, Delft, The Netherlands) and Luca Ferrini (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit, GIZ, Niamez, Niger) and will include five presentations covering all three S-MultiStor river basins:

  • A. Rodriguez, G. R. Santos, G. A. Corzo, H. A. Angarita, J. Delgado: Holistic methodologies for the estimation of environmental flows in Colombia from a comparative perspective.
  • Su Su Hlaing, Cho Cho Thin Kyi: Environmental Flows in Myanmar: Assessment of Environmental Flows in Myitnge River Basin.
  • M. Uamusse, E. Pondja, C. Nhantumbo, K. M.Persson: Hydropower plants in remote area in Mozambique: The impact of rural electrification provided by mini-grids in Manica.
  • Ferrini, Nora Van Cauwenbergh: When can local knowledge help reduce vulnerability? Insights from multi-purpose infrastructure in the Niger Basin.
  • S. Stähly, M.J. Franca, D. Tonolla, M. Döring, C.T. Robinson, A.J. Schleiss: Increase of hydraulic habitat diversity downstream of dams with sediment replenishment and artificial flooding.

Workshop: Climate change resilient storage and its socio-environmental implications

A workshop on climate change resilient storage and its socio-environmental implications will be held in Bogota, Colombia. The objective of the workshop is:

  • to disseminate the advances in the project carried out by MSc and PhD researchers on this topic
  • Establish necessities of research groups and task-forces for planning the upcoming work on  the development of the S-Multistor project and complementary activities

This workshop will be held in the IDEAM offices (Calle 25D No 96 B – 70) in Bogota during Thursday 22 and Friday 23 November 2018 from 9:30 to 16:00

The programme can be found in also here (in Spanish), supporting material about climate change in Colombia here, and a guide for creating effective scientific figures here.


Workshop: Zambezi Day

A workshop to bring together scientists to work together towards an integrated research and capacity development agenda in the Zambezi Basin is being organized at IHE Delft (26th September). The structure will be a morning of short talks followed by a semi-structured, facilitated workshop in the afternoon. The aim is to develop a future common agenda, including some concrete objectives, along with capacity development and policy needs related to our collective expertise. We plan to use the outputs of this meeting to target funding sources and opportunities for collaboration with both North and South partners. More information here.

Please note: this workshop is for invited guest only.


Event at the World Water Week

Mário Franca and Miroslav Marence organized in 30th August the event at the World Water Week (Stockholm): Towards the circularization of hydroelectricity using the existing hydraulic infrastructure. Key players in the hydropower industry were invited to debate synergistic approaches to respond to both food and energy needs which are essential to respond to the WEF Nexus, in particular to attain the SGDs 2, 6 and 7. The development of alternative strategies and technical solutions incorporated in existing structures, used primarily for other purposes, represents an additional low-impact and lucrative solution for energy generation and was discussed. A lively discussion was held with the audience which counted with participants from academia, industry and ngo’s concerned about the sustainability of energy production.

The participants of the event (left to right), Mário Franca (IHE Delft, organizer), Thomas Sandberg (Swedish Small Hydropower and European Renewable Energies Federation), Anton Schleiss (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne and International Commission on Large Dams), Rana Singh (Department of Energy, United Nations Industrial Development Organization) and Miroslav Marence (IHE Delft, organizer).

Myanmar Stage 0 National Environmental Flows Symposium/Workshop

Environmental flows is a completely new concept to Myanmar. A Stage 0 National environmental flows (eflows) symposium/workshop was set-up in Myanmar on 15th August to (1) build awareness of the need for environmental flows within water management, and (2) gain a baseline understanding of the policy/legislation, research and data, and capacity of institutions to start to work towards a national framework on environmental flows. The major partners for the project and the symposium were Yangon Technological University, IHE Delft, Charles Sturt University, IFC and WWF. The main output for now envisioned from the workshop is to develop a State of Knowledge (SOK) report to be used in defining further steps for eflows within Myanmar.

On Monday August 13, a researchers group; University Eflows and Ecosystem Services Research Working Group (consisting of YTU, MMU and MTU researchers) was formed and met at Inya Lake hotel to hold a mini workshop. Research projects, priorities, and partners (government, NGO) were discussed. On Wednesday August 15, a Stage 0 National environmental flows symposium/workshop was held. The symposium was attended by 135 delegates, and 60 delegates took part in the afternoon workshop. Reporters from 3 papers and television also attended. Delegates deemed it a very successful symposium/workshop and called for the development of a national framework for environmental flows.

Over 135 attended the symposium and 60 attended the technical workshop in the afternoon.

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Yangon Technological University, IHE Delft, Charles Sturt University, IFC and WWF are organizing, supported by S-MultiStor, a symposium on the science and policy of environmental flows (eflows) in Myanmar. A technical workshop will follow the symposium where local and international experts will work on providing a baseline for eflows within Myanmar from a science and policy level.